Cape Tarai Hiking Trail

Cape Tarai Hiking Trail Shimoda Izu

The Mimami Izu Hiking Trail is know for its amazing views off the high jagged peak of Cape Tarai, or what the local people call “a fierce god”. To get to the trail we took the 20 minute bus ride from tabi-tabi to Yumi-ga-hama.  From there we walked to Ogahama, a beautiful rocky beach with interesting rock formations.  At the end of the beach you will find the Minami Izu (Cape Tarai) trail head. The trails are well maintained and have Japanese and English signs with maps and explanations along the way. The hike leads you through lush forests, over high jagged cliffs, and along a scenic rocky cove.  We stopped many times to worship Izu’s amazing coast line, getting mystified by the sound of the crashing waves, and linger in the therapeutic aroma of the rich soil and other earthy delights. The trail ends in Toji, another beach with a real local feel, where we had ice-cream from the candy shop. From there we followed the main road past the Sand Ski Hill, The Open Cave, Goishi Beach, Ohama Beach, and back to tabi-tabi. The entire journey (from tabi-tabi and back again) only took about 3 hours, but left us feeling refreshed by nature’s divine energies.

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