Kisami Ohama Beach

Kisami Ohama Beach Shimoda Izu

Kisami Ohama Beach is our “home beach”. Less than 10 minutes on foot from Guesthouse tabi-tabi. We recommend you cross the street, and follow the river to the sea. When you get close you will see a bridge on your left, cross it to get to Maiso Beach, or just go straight to Kisami Ohama Beach.

Admittedly biased, this is one of my favorite beaches in Izu if not the world! Water is usually very clean and clear. There are no houses on the beach so if you go for an early morning or later afternoon walk it feels very private knowing no-one is looking down at you. And while you are in the sea and look back at the coast, you can see amazing coast lines and mountains. Kisami Ohama is also known to be a little more “adult” (as in not a lot of teenagers blaring music).

During the peak summer months, from Mid-July until the end of August, there will be life-guards on duty from 8 am to 5 pm. If you are not a confident swimmer, we suggest you enjoy the ocean while the lifeguards are there to keep you safe. There will be a swimming zone and a surfing area, go anywhere outside of these assigned areas and you may be chased out by the life-guards. If you have a lot of experience swimming in sometimes rougher seas and don’t want to follow the rules laid out by who some people call “the fun police”, then we suggest you get in as much beach time while the life-guards are off duty, before 8 am and after 5 pm. Or come to Shimoda the other 10 months of the year (anytime between the start of September to Mid-July).  

Beware, just like anywhere in Japan, the ocean can at times get very rough,  especially when there are typhoons approaching. If the waves are big, and the lifeguards are being extra strict it may be a good idea to explore some of Izu’s smaller bays where the beaches are more protected from incoming swells. The conditions change every day! We are happy to advise you on where to go and how to get there!

Mid-summer Beach Yoga classes are offered on Kisami Ohama Beach. Please get in touch for updates.

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