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Rental bikes Shimoda

Guesthouse tabi-tabi and our second location Retreat wabi-sabi have the cheapest rental bikes in Shimoda. They are simple “moma-chari” (shopping bikes) , but they are the perfect way to get around town for only ¥500 / day! UPDATE: Our simple shopping bikes are now ¥1000 for your entire stay (from the time you check in at 3pm until the day you check out at 10am. You only pay a one time, ¥1000 rental fee! Even if you stay a week!)  If you are staying at Retreat wabi-sabi, the easiest and fastest way to get to Kisami Ohama Beach is actually on foot. However, if you want to explore any other beaches in the Kisami area of Shimoda, we highly recommend peddling your way there. Most of the bicycles have baskets for your bag and beach towel, and some bikes have gears to help you get up the hills. Bikes are great for the summer because not only will you get to your destination faster, with the wind in your hair, you won’t feel the summer heat as much as when you are moving slowly and stomping on the pavement. Bikes are also the perfect way to get you to the convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, and other Kisami beaches like, Tatado Hama Beach, Irita Hama Beach, Nabeta Hama beach, Goishi ga Hama Beach, The Dragon’s Cave, Toji Beach, and the Sand Ski Hill Beach. Some beaches like Kisami Ohama Beach, Maiso Beach and Aijo Beach are easier to walk to because there is a short cut down a dirt road that’s not ideal for bikes.

As of spring 2017 we also have tandem bikes (¥1500/day). Tandem bikes are so fun! Double the fun and twice as fast as a single-person bike. The tandem bikes all have gears and baskets too.

We only rent to staying guests only, sorry.  Just one more reason to stay with us. 🙂

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